The ultimate crypto trading platform for sophisticated traders.
Trade across major crypto Exchanges and Cashback on trading fees.

Track and analyze your portfolio's performances and global trade history on TradingBull.
Identify arbitrage opportunities, find the best rates and access comprehensive information in real time to build your optimal trading strategies.
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A Global Aggregator Solution

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TradingBull one-time KYC

TradingBull Credits

Cashback on your trades with TBC. Receive a share of the cashback pool every month, based on your trading activity.
The more you trade, the more you earn !

TradingBull Portfolio Manager

Portfolio Manager

Monitor your performances and track the funds available across your different wallets and exchanges. Send, transfer, buy/sell in one click.

TradingBull simplified  tax reporting

Simplified Accounting

Generate auto-reports based on your global portfolio and trade history and develop strategies to optimize your taxation.

TradingBull datacenter

Browse data

Access and visualize historical data, build your own indicators and download the data or call it from our API if you need it.

TradingBull Crypto Market monitoring

Market monitoring

Build your own watchlists with customized indicators triggering alerts.

TradingBull custom trading bots

Build trading bots

Create your own trading bots on our online python compiler, simulate them or set them live and track performances. Share performances with other traders and monetize them on the bot marketplace.


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TradingBull, Inc. is headquartered in the USA and operates to ensures compliance with its regulatory frameworks regarding Blockchain, cryptocurrencies and user privacy.

We are taking compliance seriously and are following latest regulatory updates and guidelines from the main US regulatory bodies.

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